Questions to Be Asked When Looking to Hire a Freelance App Developer

Questions to Be Asked When Looking to Hire a Freelance App Developer
Questions to Be Asked When Looking to Hire a Freelance App Developer

At present, one of the top concerns of most businesses looking to go mobile is that – what to consider when choosing a developer for developing their mobile app? Based on various sources we have made a list of certain questions which you should always ask before hiring an App development company/individual. These questions are compatible with all mobile service development companies, be it apps, mobile websites or a bit of both.

Things to know before Choosing a Mobile App Developer

1.) Past Experience/Achievements

Always ensure that developer has relevant experience in your industry type and that they can illustrate the apps which they claim to have developed. In case you are the first customer for them from your industry segment, then do make sure that they are prepared to understand and learn your industry.

2.) Availability and Timeline

How quickly they can start the project? And, can they deliver it as per your deadline? These two questions are very crucial. You should always remember that app development is generally only fifty percent of the entire project. So, ensure that these two queries are answered appropriately.

3.) Responsiveness & Customer service

How fast are they to counter to your briefs, emails and phone calls? An app development company or individual that is slow to react to your brief, emails and calls will most likely to be slower to deliver your project and to respond to you in case something goes wrong. Remember! Proactive behavior is the key.

4.) User Experience Know-How

Do they have user experience designers in their team? Or will they only follow what you asked them to do in terms of user experience and design? Everyone likes to work with people that come up with ideas and suggestions to enhance the project in any aspect. Therefore, working with user experience experts can be the make or break for a successful mobile app.

5.) Methodology for Quality Assurance

Do they incorporate a quality assurance process at the time of development? Do they have sufficient devices available for testing to ensure its functionality across all the operating systems? This is important because something which works well on an Android Marshmallow device by Motorola may not work well on a Samsung Android Marshmallow device.

6.) Post-Launch Support

After the successful launch of your app, will the agency be able to provide support for promoting, maintaining, and updating the app? This is important to know so that you can be assured of your app being compatible with upcoming OS versions.

7.) Reference from Past Customers

Sometimes portfolio and experience can be fake and misguiding. So to know whether they have really done the work and whether they have done it well, it is best that you speak to a couple of their clients. They will give you the clear picture of everything.

8.) Cost and Cost Breakdown

Generally, you get what you pay for when it is about mobile app development. If the above-mentioned questions are answered up to your satisfaction, then it finally comes to the expenses you need to make in order to develop an app. Depending on your budget, you can either hire a premium agency to do all the work for you i.e. deliver quality, excellent user experience, meets your agreed timelines and accomplish your overall objectives or if you are willing to take risk and dedicate your own time to design, troubleshooting, do specification and testing, then you can go for a lower cost option like off-shoring or using freelance app development service. Regardless of what you go for, always ensure that you get a breakdown of all the resources that are used in the project such as project management, UX/Design, Development, Quality Assurance, Distribution, Operations and other similar resources.

To all these queries and worries, there is only one answer, i.e. AppFirms!

What is AppFirms?

AppFirms is an upcoming answer and solution to all the mobile app development related issues. It is a platform where:

  • A company will be able to hire app development services of a freelance app development company or individual, from any part of the world.
  • An App Development Company will be able to register themselves to work for the wide range of companies all across the globe.
  • An individual mobile app developer will be able to showcase his/her talent to the world.

At AppFirms, you will most likely to get everything and anything as per your requirements.


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