Should “i”OS or Android?

Should “i” OS or Android?

The question – “Which mobile app market to develop for?” has started stinking and no one is still able to answer it clearly. Well, don’t think that you will get a clear answer here, though we still would like to say that we will try to help you make a decision.

Well one way to solve this issue is that develop an app for both OS, but in case you don’t want to or if you are lacking the sufficient resources to develop an iPhone app and Android app at the same time, then may be below-mentioned factors can help you decide!

Mobile Traffic

Before you decide as which mobile app store to develop for, it is better to know that which devices attracts the most traffic to your app.

If you feel iPhone users are coming more to your app as compared to Sony Xperia’s and Samsung Galaxy’s, it is suggested that you go for Apple App Store. On the other side of the coin, Android could be your target if the iPhone is the minority of your traffic.

Tablet Friendly

There is a huge difference in global tablet market share with the benefits going towards Android tablets. However, when aiming tablets in terms of application usage, the iPad comes first. Therefore, it is suggested that if your strategy is mainly focused on tablet use, then iOS for iPad must be developed first.


If your mobile app strategy is to generate revenue by charging users to download the app, then you should be aware of the fact that iOS users are more willing to buy apps and pay for in-app purchases as compared to Android user.


Before launching your mobile app, testing is essential to make sure your app functions properly. Android devices are very varied with diverse screen resolutions. So, depending on what version your target audience is using is what type of mobile app you should develop.

Since iOS has fewer devices and Apple, it means less cause for concern in terms of fixes. User updates are usually downloaded instantly through Apple as compared to Android users.

It seems that there are pros and cons of each OS, but as said in the beginning, we can’t answer which one to go for, it depends on your requirements and complete mobile strategy to make your mind.


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