Feel Free To Be A Freelance App Developer

Feel Free to Be a Freelancer

If you are a mobile app developer, you might have felt a pinch of jealousy when talking to your friends who switched to freelancing. As a freelance app developer, definitely you are going to earn more than you would in a full-time employment, or at least equal to it. Plus, you also have the liberty to be your own boss and enjoy flexibility in work times and many other perks.

But, if you don’t have a stable client base yet, it’s a dead idea to leave your job and branch out on your own.

To build a client list, the first thing you need to do is – Get Noticed! And, how you can achieve that is what we are going to discuss.

The following tips will help you gain some attention as a freelance developer; grab a couple of projects and start building your reputation.

1.) Build a Strong Online Portfolio

One of the main things a client looks for in a potent freelancer is whether he/she will be able to deliver quality results. It’s an undeniable fact that if you have stepped newly into freelancing, 90% chance are that you’ll lose the project to an experienced freelancer. After all, clients spend a lot of resources on their projects, and they would want every cent to be counted.

Though sometimes, a prospective business doesn’t go for the most experienced freelancer, instead, spends the time to review profiles of other freelancers who are willing to work at a lower cost. Here, you have a chance to induce the client that you are worthy.

And, this is the reason it is important to have an impressive portfolio.

Portfolio doesn’t mean to display a lot of showy design and graphics. Always Remember the three “S” rule – Short, Simple & Subtle! Make sure your Portfolio is:

SHORT – Only show the best work, thus make it short.

SIMPLE – Don’t make it jazzy as Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication!

SUBTLE – Make your Portfolio precise and perfect.

2.) Work for Less

Newbie freelancers face difficulties to get projects. For getting a project, you need to make a reputation based on your already completed projects. But since you are starting from scratch, you have no projects and reputation to showcase. So, how to build your reputation?

In such situation, your main aim should be to build your reputation, instead of earning. This will help you add some experience, and in turn, form the base for your reputation building. So, do some “Charity Project”.

But How to Get Them?

Approach some startup companies – if possible, go for those which are into software. Make an offer of building an app for them. As they are not into software, there is a possibility that they will say “Yes”.

3.) Flaunt Your Testimonials

Recommendations play a key role in getting projects. Testimonials can help give your freelancer reputation a great boost. After you complete a project, make sure to get a testimonial from the client.

Adding testimonials to the portfolio makes a huge impact, especially if prospective companies are aware of the clients or companies you mentioned. But remember to include the client’s name and company, it’s important!

4.) Post Articles/Tutorials to Other Websites

Writing is the best way to gain attention in your field. Writing articles/tutorials for a renowned website can help give you a lot of publicity. Once you’ve published several articles, make sure that you add links to your online portfolio.

5.) Market Yourself

Marketing is another key factor when it’s about getting projects. You need to make yourself recognized in places where you are likely to get clients. You can contact clients both offline and online. Have a strategy for both.

When meeting a client in person, keeps a casual and friendly tone. Avoid being overly formal.

In case the client doesn’t seem interested in working with you, shift the conversation into a personal chat. Build a good, friendly relationship, maybe not now but in future, you might get a chance to work together. So keep the client in the loop.

Blogging is another tool which enables you to mark a presence online. Write blogs about your expertise and showcase your best work samples.

6.) Be Active Socially

Social connection also has a great impact on your career growth. The more well-connected you get; more likely you are going to get hired.

For this, social networking sites can be an ideal way to make new connections and interact with people. Another way is to attend technical meet-ups, it is an excellent way to interact with others and market yourself.

7.) Contribute to Open Source Projects

Working on open source projects is an excellent way to mark your credibility with clients. Contributing to such projects gives you an added advantage over other freelance developers.

The above-mentioned tips are not only for the individual freelance app developer. These tips are also equally effective for freelance mobile app development companies.

In addition, to make things easier for app developers, AppFirms is soon launching a platform where you will never run out of projects. Plus, you will get to work for different companies all across the world. AppFirms will be a perfect place for developers to showcase their talent to the whole world.


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