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What to expect in Mobile App Development in 2017?

2016 witnessed a tremendous change in mobile app scenario and is still transforming. Since the mobile industry is flourishing, demand for the mobile app has gone viral. People adore the app’s advantages and use it in their daily life routine. Individuals are acclimatizing themselves to the technology-based atmosphere. Businesses are escalating because of the mobile apps in the market, thus are looking to contribute more in the app development for the promotion of their product and services. With the introduction of advanced tools and frameworks, the whole process of app development has become a simple task. As the last quarter of 2016 is approaching, everyone is eying as what will be the next big leap in the year 2017.

Here is the list of the technologies and attributes that you can expect in the near future.

1.) Cloud Technology Will Roar

Cloud technology is swiftly increasing in the market by yielding the cross-platform structure for the apps which are created using it. Cloud-based applications are capable of running on all the mobile devices while offering the same features and data. This will save a lot of time of developers to create apps for multiple platforms and make it available to the customers quickly.

2.) Beacon Technology Will Show Its Potential

Beacon technology which was earlier available for iOS devices, is now available for the Android devices as well. With the Beacon technology, developers will be able to create mobile apps aware of location. With the help of Beacon technology; it is easy to track the last location. Also, you can know about the weather of any place and can be aware of any sort of danger and several other such things. Beacon technology is going to create a new dimension in the future of mobile apps.

3.) Big Data Will Prevail

Big Data is a new approach to craft better and appealing mobile apps with a better user interface and reduced complexity. In coming future, Big Data will make a huge impact because of its efficiency to manage diverse, fast-changing or massive data effectively and easily. A better user interface and reduced complexity mean gaining more customers’ attention.

4.) Purchasing and Advertising using Apps:

Since technology is expanding at a massive rate globally, advertising within the app has become the most famous and prevalent idea to maximize profit in present time. Therefore in 2017, there will enhanced in-app purchasing facilities for the users.

5.) Enterprise Apps will Rule the Market:

Mobile app developers are constantly endeavoring and trying to provide the best enterprise mobile apps that generate more return on investment. As most of the people are connected via mobile, Enterprises are trying to gain more and more importance in the consumers’ world. It is believed that the area of enterprise apps is going to spread widely and will witness huge growth in the coming years.

6.) The IoT Will Be Dominating

Among all the other technologies, the Internet of Things is getting bigger and stronger with time. IoT is one of the things to be looked upon in 2017. IoT is going to dominate the market in various areas such as Healthcare, Home Automation System, Integrated Security Control System, Energy Efficiency, and much more.

7.) Wearables Market Will Boom

Since Smart-watches are gaining importance among people, other tech-togs are also believed to get good responses in near future. As Adidas, Nike, Apple, and Fitbit are already offering wearables, it will be interesting to see other brands taking a dive in the wearables’ world.

8.) Innovative Mobile UX Design:

As design and user interface is considered the first priority when developing a mobile app, Developers are making great efforts for enhancing better UX experience and ground-breaking designs. The trend and variety will be a must watch thing in 2017.

One major change which world will witness in near future is the introduction of AppFirms. AppFirms will be like a dream come true for Freelance Mobile App Developers as they will have the opportunity to show their skills and talent to the whole world.

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