What Android’s Nougat Brings for Developers


The newest version of Google’s Android, Nougat has started rolling out for Nexus devices. While this is a great news for Nexus owners, other devices’ user will need to wait for the same. As a developer, you will always want to make use of the latest and the greatest Android features as soon as they are available. Below we have gathered a few changes that you might find interesting.

Multi-Window Mode

Though this feature in inclined more toward users than developers but surely this is the most anticipated feature in the Nougat. In multi-window mode, you can easily see multiple apps simultaneously on the same screen. Developers will need to look for this feature in order to make the app compatible with it.

Enhanced Notifications

The notifications’ interface has also been updated to Android’s latest version. You can easily configure the styling for your application’s notifications. The custom views have also been extended.

Apart from visual changes, you can now bunch notifications into groups so the users can process and manage the multiple notifications easily. This is especially useful for managing messages or email threads. Moreover, now you can directly reply to an incoming notification from the notification pop-up itself.

Device Optimization

This may not be a big feature, but surely it is good to implement it for your app. Developers should understand that users are now aware of apps that gulp too much battery and use too much data, so it’s necessary for your app to stick to the functionality provided by the OS.

Android N comes with ‘Data Saver’ mode, a switch which users can use to conserve data. Background data requests will be restricted when this mode is activated, and apps receive a signal to utilize data wisely. Developers should consider this change and develop app accordingly.

What’s More?

If you utilize 3D graphics, ensure to look for the Vulkan integration in Android Nougat. Similarly, the existing Texture View class has been substituted with a performance-optimized Surface View class.

You will also notice some updates in Web Views, option to insert your own tiles in the quick settings menu. And, how can you miss the most exciting new feature in Nougat – New emojis!

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