Haste Makes Waste!

AppFirms – Haste Makes Waste

“Haste Makes Waste” – An old saying which still stands its ground. You may be wondering why this topic is titled as such. Well, read below and know it yourself!

We all know how much important it is to develop apps with excellent user experiences and engaging functionalities. Putting it in simple words – A good app helps increase adoption rates, keep the end-users engaged and maximize ROI for the business.

App development is not a piece of cake, developing any app requires a sizeable investment of money and time. It involves hiring a team of developers, who are expert in their area. There’s always a lot of pressure on companies to develop and deploy apps—and that too Quickly.

According to a study, it has been found that ‘pressure to release apps fast forces developers to skip key steps in safeguarding the apps. This should not surprise many that rushing app releases hamper app security. It’s up to you as for whether you want your app to be like “HARE” or you want it to be like “TORTOISE”.

Just Remember, it’s essential to be steady and persistent in doing things right beforehand as it will save you from a lot of troubles in the future.

“Take time for all things: Great Haste Makes Great Waste.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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