Make your App a True Star

Make Your App a True Star

At present, there are over one million applications in the App Store, waiting for catching users’ attention in almost every category. So, never think your App is going to a Sole Winner! It takes a lot more than just creating an app. Here, we will discuss as for how one can make their App a true winner.

1.) Release early and release often.

It is very important to increase your user base and attract investors’ attention by releasing the app asap. You can simply release core features, then make use of communities who can help your app get early adopters before enhancing it further. If you don’t have a user base, how can you be sure that you’re building something users want? If you feel you are getting a decent response from the user base, go ahead and enhance it and offer updates frequently.

2.) Be Unique or Target Specific

There are two ways you can differentiate your application in a crowded market: either bring features which no one else has or go for a specific section of public. If you are not able to bring some innovative features, you can simply target a specified group of user to keep your app sustained in the vast market.

3.) Be Exclusive

Take an example of Spotify, a well-known music app, which used a special marketing strategy to be exclusive among the number of musical apps already available in the store. Spotify was only available through invitation which makes it easier to get expand in a new place easily. Also, it had an extra edge of being an exclusive new app by gaining on word-of-mouth marketing. This strategy helped it make a specific position in the arena among names like Rhapsody and Rdio.

4.) Optimization

Similar to the need of optimization for a website for search engines, it’s significant to ensure your app has the right keywords in its name and description which can help users locate you easily. It may sound minor, but if your app doesn’t show when users enter relevant keywords in the search bar, you will know about its importance. Many companies are making App Store optimization an integral part of their development cycle.

5.) Get Social Attention

Social marketing is one of the ideal ways to expand your user base. Market your app through social sites so that users can swank about what they’ve just achieved, be it a level up in a game or a high score.

It’s easy to believe that your app can be a Sensation as long as you develop a solid app, but what makes your app a Hit isn’t the fact that it is there in the store — it’s the effectiveness it creates. By working on marketing strategies along with app development, you can craft an app which not only engages users but also generates profit for your business.


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