Wait is Over! New Macs on its Way


You might have been Googling about the launch of next Mac by Apple for a long time. Well, your wait is over as Apple has finally announced the launch of new Macs which is scheduled for its late-October Mac event. As per sources, Thursday, October 27th is most probably chosen for the event. So, if you are looking for a new MacBook, it’s just a week away folks.

Generally, Apple schedules its events on a Tuesday or Wednesday. As it has moved its earnings call earlier this month to 25th i.e Tuesday, so that may not be the day. On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface All-in-One PC event will be taking place on 26th October, which may make them go for the 27th October. However, only Apple knows what’s exactly the day is going to be.

The event most probably will list the lid from Apple’s new Mac models. As earlier rumors and reports it seems that the new addition could be a 13″ MacBook Air models with USB-C ports and a new MacBook Pro featuring a fancy digital screen above the keyboard. Plus, a New iMacs may also be on the cards, and as well as the Thunderbolt display might be replaced by a 5k monitor.

Well, all these speculations should get answered by the end of this month.

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