Now Include 360 Photos and Videos in Your Facebook’s Instant Articles

Now Include 360 Photos and Videos in Your Facebook’s Instant Articles

Facebook’s Instant Articles — the format which present publishers’ content instantly with no loading lag and interruption-free view when accessed by Facebook users on mobile devices — are going to be more interactive soon. Today, Facebook announced that such contents will now be able to feature 360 videos and photos. This means that publishers can now add 360-degree content in-lines, which will allow users to navigate by turning their mobile device or dragging and tapping.

360 videos were introduced last year on Facebook’s News Feed, whereas 360 photos arrived in June this year. Both technologies offer an unusual way of viewing a scene in a more immersive manner, on both web and mobile. Since the inception, these features are offering VR-like experiences. Just rotate and tilt your mobile device to get more of the action, or click and drag the view when on the desktop web.

360 photos and videos have been already incorporated by many publishers and news media to augment their reporting and other shared content. Now, one can include 360 photos and videos directly in their Facebook’s Instant Articles as inline content.

The USA Today Network and BILD have already been testing these additions in their own Instant Articles, ahead of today’s formal launch, Facebook notes. The former combined a voice-over by Ken Burns with a 360 video to create a narrated tour of the U.S. National Parks, while BILD used the videos in an article that offered a tour of the USS Harry S. Truman vessel, says Facebook.

However, on the other side, there can be issues as how a publisher will handle the content for readers those who access their site with a standard web browser, without Facebook’s network. Well, sooner or later this will be taken care of.

To get a taste of FB’ Instant Article with this fresh feature visit-


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